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The foundation of any successful and meaningful experience, is making it personal for the unique individual you are… Let the movement you choose, inspire & nurture you!




Who We Partner With

We empower you, our active client who values your own health and wellness. We consistently partner with post-partum active women experiencing low back pain, hip and/or pelvic dysfunction.  New mom or seasoned mom, many of our clients tend to be Pilates and Yoga enthusiasts, runners, hikers, gym goers, and active healthcare providers.

Are your Recreational Activities, Gym, Sport, Pilates, or Yoga sessions leaving you less than satisfied with nagging intermittent or chronic low back pain that impedes your performance or carries over to home or work?  Set up a free consult to discover how you can let go of pain and/or dysfunction and love your movement like you are meant to.

Dive into one-on-one Movement Wellness sessions to experience more ease and flow in your body or schedule Physical Therapy treatment for an injury, functional challenge, or pain issue to start you on your healing path.

Movement Sense is a Manual Therapy & Movement Based Practice.  We offer an Integrative Lifestyle Medicine approach with advance gentle manual therapy techniques and multiple movement modalities to enhance your overall movement health.

Services are provided in a comfortable non-traditional therapy setting.


Manual Physical Therapy

Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Approach

Advance Manual Therapy Techniques

Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Body Wisdom & Mindful Movement

Education, Specialty Classes and Workshops

Our Philosophy

The foundation of any successful and meaningful experience, is making it personal for the unique individual you are…

Our purpose is to provide quality movement health based services so you can experience a better life now.

Our intention is to empower you to make healthy decisions about movement at work, home and play through meaningful education that is specific to you.

Learn how to use your own body to heal, restore, and optimize your movement health.  When your body has the right environment and support, it has an amazing ability to heal and balance itself.

Learn how to develop your mind & body connection through awareness and integrated practice to support the development of your optimal function.

Our role is to be a guide and partner in helping you achieve your best function and performance supported through research & clincially based pratice.


What makes Movement Sense Different?  

At Movement Sense we use an Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Approach.  We look at you as the Whole Person you are not just the problem ie…pain, dysfunction, or other functional challenge you come in with.  We assess your physical, environmental, and nutritional lifestyles so we can support you and address any potential barriers that may be contributing to the issue you are seeking to resolve.  We take the time to understand and get to know you as an individual. 

We assess the relationships of the Whole Body through various techniques which enable us to identify the “driver” of your specific issue.  This approach allows us to focus in on the cause of your pain and/or dysfunction, making treatment more specific and more efficient, while nurturing a model for self-efficacy and resilence.


Treating you as a whole person, we embrace an Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Approach

"As an OT, I thought I had a good knowledge about my body, pain, and ability to rehab it. But Rachel helped me understand my body better...by increasing my awareness of how I hold and move my body in every day tasks"

Tara Burrei (Occupational Therapist) 

"My bladder issue and my running posture were both linked to my weak core...I can finally enjoy activities with friends without worrying and I can continue to run without pain."

M. Bradley 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Movement Sense is a fee for service/cash based practice meaning we do not accept any insurance plans.  This allows us to treat clients 1 on 1 with a physical therapist your entire treatment, where you receive the benefit of attention with the most personal and specific care.  In many cases, this model tends to be more cost efficient for the client.

If you choose, you may be given a form to file with your insurance carrier to pursue possible reimbursement.  Please note, we are an “out of pocket provider”.  You must have a plan that includes “out of pocket” benefits to receive any possible reimburrsement and depending on your insurance carrier, the percentage of reimburrsement will vary.  Contact your insurance program to inquire if these benefits are available to you.

Movement Sense is not a Medicare or Medicaid provider. Medicare and Medicaid participants are required to seek services from participating providers in Medicare and Medicaid programs as Federal Law prohibits clients to pay for services outside of these programs.  If you have concerns regarding these regulations, we urge you to contact your state and federal representatives to make changes regarding how you are able to use your healthcare benefits. 


How long is a manual physical therapy evaluation and what is the cost?

Manual Physical Therapy Evaluations are 90 minutes with an investment of $125.  All subsequent physical therapy sessions are $100/60 minutes.  For the established client, there may be an occasion for a shorter treatment session which is $50/30 minutes.

What to expect during my Physical Therapy Evaluation?

During your initial Manual Physical Therapy session we will have you share a thorough medical history and exercise/activity history so we have a good understanding of your personal baseline and possible contributers to your issues.  This will also give us a foundation for any special precautions to which we need to be sensitive to while treatment is occurring.

You will receive a functional movement assessment, specific positional tests, palpation of specific skeletal structures as needed including muscles, joints and other soft tissue.  This will shine light on your specific functional challenges and together we will create your meaningful goals.

Manual Physical Therapy – The advanced manual techniques we use are gentle working with connective tissues including ligaments, the fascia, and muscles. These gentle techniques may involve the nervous system, visceral system, the lymph system, and the musculoskeletal system or a combinaton of systems as every part of the body is connected.  These techniques can reduce pain, promote tissue healing, restore alignment, and improve joint mobility to support you in acheiving your desired outcomes.

Mindful Movement Practice -Once your alignment and imbalances have been restored, it is essential to then follow with appropriate movement to assist the body in integrating what you have gained in your session.  Neuromuscular re-education practice will follow with your specific individual home program that will easily fit into your day because it will be based on your functional endevors and goals, not rote exercises.


What should I wear for a physical therapy session?

The best attire for a physical therapy session, including the evaluation are clothes that are comfortable and are easy to move in, like your workout clothes.  For women, a cami top is ideal.  Unlike a sports bra, a cami is less restrictive and the entirety of the spine is available for assessment and treatment.  For men, wear shorts or other pants that are not restrictive and easy to move in.


How Many Physical Therapy Sessions Will I Need?

As each client has a unique story, the number of visits will vary depending on the amount of time you have been living with the issue acute vs. chronic, your own body’s response to treatment, and your motivation to participate in your own treatment.   Many clients can experience significant improvement in 3-5 sessions, while others may require more sessions.  Depending on the treatment plan you and your provider create, treatment may be once weekly or once every 3-4 weeks giving the body time to integrate the changes.


What is Medical Therapeutic Yoga?

Medical Therapeutic Yoga is a specific methodology practiced under a licensed healthcare provider using Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine.  Medical Therapeutic Yoga helps to promote overall wellness through a biopsychosocial model integrating evidence based yoga and the medical sciences in gentle biomechanically sound movement. 


What is Mindful Movement and Body Wisdom?

We learn to move through our own experiences.  Learn how to connect with your body for a deeper and more rewarding movement experience using our senses, imagery, and knowledge of the body.  Our definition of movement wellness is one’s ability to participate in their tasks of daily living as well as recreational and other activities without impedement of function or pain.

Practice mindful movement & body wisdom in our movement wellness classes!



Who are movement wellness classes for?

Movement classes are for anyone who wants quality instruction and more individual attention to improve their movement health whether they are on the restorative path or wanting an option in their current movement health routine.





What is the investment for Movement Wellness Classes?

Solo/Private Movement Wellness Sessions Investment (includes all movement equipment/yoga work)
Single Session $100/60 minutes
5 Sessions Package $425
10 Sessions Package $800

Duet Movement Wellness Sessions Investment
$50 per client/60 minutes

Mat Classes for Pilates, Oov and Medical Therapeutic Yoga Investment
Single Session $18
10 Session Package $150
(maximum of 6 clients per class allowing for personal attention and space)

Investment for Specialty Programs vary per Program.  Please contact us for more information!

**Note:  If new to this type of movement work, it is strongly recommended one invest in a personal 3- session  introduction movement package before joining any class.



What is Visceral and Neural manipulation?

Gentle manual techniques that assist your body in releasing restrictions in the ligaments and fascia surrounding organs and nerves.  Sites of tension often contribute to pain or dysfunction and not necessarily at the same site. Why do we care about sites of tension?  Where there is tension there is less space for tissues to function and move as they should.  As we know, everything in the body is connected.  


What is Cranial Sacral Therapy?

Gentle hands on techniques that treat the nervous system.

Our Blog

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