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    Movement Sense

    Specializing in your movement health
    through Manual Physical Therapy and
    Intelligent Movement Practices. Located
    in St. George, UT.

    Learn to replace non-optimal patterns
    that result in pain and dysfunction with
    healthy patterns that stabilize and align,
    while improving strength, flexibility and

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    Optimize Performance

    Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior,
    or participate regularly in fitness routines
    and classes; maintaining physical balance in
    your body is key to your performance. Learning
    to organize and sequence your movements with
    dynamic acuity will improve any of your
    physical pursuits.

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    Listen To Your Body

    Far too many of us experience pain or stiffness intermittently or even daily. This is our body's way of letting us know it is in need of attention. Many of us assume postures throughout our day that contribute or create these complaints. Engaging in quality movement practice will keep muscles and bones strong, joints healthy and fascia flexible and hydrated.

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    Experience 3-dimensional movement
    with the Oov®! Creating length in the
    spine allows overworked muscles to
    release while spontaneously recruiting
    a balance in the neuro-muscular system
    creating deeper strength and freedom
    to move like never before.

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    Enhance dynamic balance and strength related to
    walking, running or any other upright sport or
    activity you love integrating whole body movement.
    Perfect for restoring lower extremity mechanics
    following injuries or neurological conditions.

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    Historically used in rehabilitation and fitness,
    Pilates is known for whole body integrated movement
    providing assistance and resistance to maximize
    strength, alignment, and flexibility.

Frontpage Article

Why Movement Sense?

Movement Sense is a unique movement-based practice in Southern Utah where you can receive quality movement instruction not offered in traditional settings, to improve your everyday function and performance. As a physical therapist who has personally experienced physical challenges and pain issues in my own body, Movement Sense was created from my desire to help and educate those who are motivated to improve or restore their own movement health.

At Movement Sense, you will experience personalized services that will improve movement balance in your body. Attend an Intelligent Movement solo or class to experience improved strength and flexibility, or schedule physical therapy treatment for an injury or pain issue to start you on your healing path.


  • Manual Physical Therapy
    • Orthopedic and Osteopathic Techniques

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Bio-mechanical Counseling & Instruction
  • Education
  • Intelligent Movement Apparatus
    • Oov®, CoreAlign®, Pilates – Reformer, Tower, and Chair
  • Individual and Small Group Sessions
  • Mat Work and Circuit Classes
  • Specialty Movement Programs

Call or email to schedule a Free 30-minute Consult regarding any service.


A desire to provide quality movement health-based services so you can experience a better life now!

My intention is to empower you to make healthy decisions about movement at work, home and play.

Learn how to use your own body to heal, restore, and optimize your movement health. When your body has the right environment and support, it has an amazing ability to heal and balance itself.

Learn how to develop your mind & body connection through awareness and engage in integrated practice to support the development of your optimal function.

My role is to be a guide and partner in helping you achieve your best function and performance supported through research & clinically based practice.

The foundation of any successful experience, is making it personal for the unique individual you are!

Special Interests

  • The Fascial System and its function in the Neuromuscular System
  • Breathing and its role in Motor Control
  • The Core System & Pelvic Health


“I would leave her classes feeling stronger, taller and much more at peace than when I first arrived. With Rachel’s instructions and skills, I gained an increased awareness of my posture. Give Movement Sense a try… you will definitely feel and see a difference!” – Mina T.

“Capable, friendly, and engaging; Rachel is a delight to work with. She’s brilliant at designing customized, client-specific programs. Superbly skilled in their execution, she effectively uses her thorough knowledge of the human body’s physiology.” – Graydon H.

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Physical Therapy

Restore balance of your body optimizing your ability to move and reduce pain through manual techniques and neuromuscular re-education integrating whole body movement.

Intelligent Movement

Improve strength, alignment, balance, flexibility and posture through a variety of mat work and equipment options enhancing your everyday function.

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Education & Specialty Programs

The more you understand, the better choices you make. I offer Specialty Programs designed around a specific functional theme giving you a deeper experience.

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