Manual Physical Therapy

Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Approach

Mindful Movement Solos and Specialty Classes

Visceral & Neural Manipulation, Cranial Sacral Therapy

Education, Specialty Programs, and Workshops

Manual Physical Therapy

At some point in our busy active lives, we may experience an injury or trauma to the body.  Physical Therapy can be a key piece in the recovery of your optimal movement health whether it is through manual techniques or movement education and practice.  Injuries may cause fascial restrictions and compensatory movement patterns & strategies.  Manual Physical Therapy addresses, muscles, tendons & ligaments, nerves, fascia, bones, joints, the vascular system, the lymph system and the central nervous system.  There are a variety of techniques that may be used based on your unique needs to restore function.  Freeing up the body will create space allowing better movement through better alignment.


What We Do

  • Diane Lee’s Integrated Systems Model (ISM)

  • Medical Therapeutic Yoga

  • Injury Prevention

  • Visceral & Neural Manipulation

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Release, Myofascial Release

  • Neuromuscular Re-Education – Functional Movement Training, Pilates & Oov®

  • Biomechanical Counseling & Hands on Instruction

  • Client Specific Home Programs

Integrative Lifestyle Medicine

The Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Approach has developed from The Bio-Psychosocial Model which was adopted by the Word Health Organization in 2002.  This Model has been recommended for use in healthcare to provide a broader perspective in supporting one’s overall health in general to facilitate healing with life long results.  An Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Apporach considers nutrition, sleep, movement/physical, environment, social connections/support, stress resliency and more creating the balance in our body, mind & spirit.


Visceral & Neural Manipulation, Cranial Sacral Therapy

Visceral & Neural Manipulation Techniques by the Barral Institute

Gentle manual techniques that assist your body in releasing restrictions of the ligaments and fascia surrounding organs and nerves. These techniques are used when a full body assessment leads the practitioner to sites of tension in the body that may be contributing to pain or dysfunction.  Why do we care about sites of tension?  Where there is tension there is less space for tissues to function and move as they should.  As we know, everything in the body is connected.  These techniques do not necessarily focus on the area of pain or dysfunction, but allow the body to share where it needs the attention to initiate release and healing throughout the body.

Cranial Sacral Therapy by the Upledger Institute

Gentle hands on techniques that treat the nervous system.


Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Medical Therapeutic Yoga is a specific methodology practiced under a licensed healthcare provider using Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine.  Medical Therapeutic Yoga helps to promote overall wellness integrating evidence based yoga and the medical sciences.


  • Overall well being

  • Provides a Biomechanically Sound Practice for Your Body

  • Empowers the nervous system to function in a relaxed and calm state

  • Embodies Breathwork Understanding & Practice

  • Reduces Physical and Mental Stress

  • Fosters deeper awareness to building strength, mobility, and balance in the body

Body Wisdom & Mindful Movement – Your Movement Wellness

Movement Solos are a great way to support your healing process or balancing out an existing movement routine.

Movement Modalities include Pilates, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Oov, and Functional Mindful Movement Practices

  • Body Wisdom & Mindful Movement Solo Work and Seasonal Classes 

Education, Specialty Programs, and Workshops

The more you understand, the better decisions you make.

~Education – Education is essential if you are looking to make meaningful changes in your life.  We enjoy providing educational workshops to our clients and potential clients, presentations for various physician’s & medical group’s clients, and other community organizations on the topic of movement health.

Presentations Bio:
*Restoring Your Core System Following Pregnancy – Free 2 Feed, St George, UT  2016
*Balancing Your Runner’s Body – St George Running Center, St George, UT  2016

*Community Education Series Movement Health & Nutrition – Movement Sense, St George, UT  2014-2015
*Education Series for Client Base of Dr. Kate B. Wilson M.D, Internal Medicine – Salt Lake City, UT  2012
*Caring for the Caregiver – Multiple Sclerosis Society – Salt Lake City, UT  2011
* Neuroscience Education Series – University of Utah Hospital & Clinics – Salt Lake City, UT  2010



Specialty Programs – Designed with a specific functional theme to create a deeper experience.

  • Optimal Strategies to Restore Your Core Health – 6 Week Series

  • Better Mechanics, Better Running – 6 Week Series

  • Medical Therapeutic Yoga Foundations – 6 Week Series