Not Your Traditional Physical Therapy

Why?  Because the client experience is centered around your unique story and lifestyle needs.

At Movement Sense, we have the time to address the needs of each client with One on One Personalized Physical Therapy treatment and a variety of quality Movement Practices to meet you where you are and beyond.  We care about you the individual and your functional goals so we treat you as the whole person you are.

Your Partner in Movement Health

Rachel Lauchnor, DPT, NCPT, PYT-c

Like many movement practitioners, my desire to become a physical therapist was sparked by my own injuries and recovery experiences including a significant forearm injury requiring surgery for nerve and tendon repair. I was intrigued how the structures of the body could heal after trauma and injury and was forever grateful!  Later experiencing a lumbar disc injury I was introduced to Pilates by a fellow collegue.  I truly had not realized how disorganized and unbalanced my body had been before. This experience grew my perspective on what it meant to be a movement specialist!  I currently find myself in a curriculm for Medical Therapeutic Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine.

The work I have experienced as a physical therapist has had a profound influence in shaping my working model and perspective on movement health.  My backgound includes work in an acute care hospital setting and an in-patient short-term rehab facility.  I have also been privileged to work as the lead physical therapist in a dedicated out-patient cancer rehabiliation center as well as working in the home health setting for both adults and pediatrics.   I have since committed myself to promoting movement wellness by opening my own outpatient practice in 2013

I continue to have amazing experiences along my path of life long learning while seeking a broad-based perspecitve in movement health.  I feel tremendous gratitude toward those who have and continue to support and mentor me along the way.  This includes my clients, professional peers, and my friends & family. I am passionate about empowering others to achieve their optimal function through quality education and movement practice.  I personally invite you to experience a perspective that may offer you so much more in your own movement health as I have found in mine.

Credentials & Formal Education

Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science – University of Utah 2001

Master’s of Physical Therapy – University of Utah 2003

Doctor of Physical Therapy – University of Utah 2007

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher – National Pilates Certification Program  (NCPT) – 2013 to Present

Clinical Mentorship with Diane Lee – Integrated Systems Model (ISM) Practitioner Series Graduate – 2018

Medical Therapeutic Yoga Certification Level 1 – Living Well Institute – 2019

Medical Therapeutic Yoga Certification Level 2 (candidate) – Living Well Institute – 2021

Integrative Lifestyle Medince Certification – Living Well Institute – 2021

Continuing Education - Current and On-going

Barral InstituteOsteoopathic Studies in Visceral Techniques, Neural Techniques, and New Manual Articular Techniques

Upledger Institute – Cranial Sacral Therapy Studies

Learn with Diane LeeIntegrated Systems Model® 

Julie Wiebe PT Piston Science Part One – Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for Adult Populations, Piston Science Part Two: Bridge the Gap Between Rehab and Fitness, Glottis to the Pelvic Floor: Making Clinical Connections Module One

Living Well Institute – Medical Therapeutic Yoga studies in yoga movement, auryvedic nutrition, all embracing a Bio-psychosocial Model in healthcare  ~ Lifestyle Medicine                

Oov® EducationLevel I Oov Fundamentals and Pilates Apparatus,  Level II Oov Afferent,  Level III Efferent

Scolio-Pilates – Module 1, Module 2

North American Institue of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT)
Differential Diagnosis, Manual Therapy Upper Quadrant Level 2, Manual Therapy Lower Quadrant Levels 2 & 3, Manual Therapy for the Fascia

Polestar Pilates Polestar Pilates Practitioner, Advanced Assessment Skills I & II, Advanced Gait, Rotational Sports, Scoliosis – A Practical Approach, Advanced Spine & Scoliosis

Balanced BodyCoreAlign® Level I, II, and III


Presentations Bio

Restoring Your Core System Following Pregnancy – Free 2 Feed, St. George, UT  2016

Balancing Your Runner’s Body – St. George Running Center, St. George, UT  2016

Community Education Series: Movement Health & Nutrition – Movement Sense, St. George, UT  2014-2015

Core Health – Education Series for Client Base of Dr. Kate B. Wilson M.D. Internal Medicine,            Salt Lake City, UT  2012

Caring for the Caregiver – MS Society, Salt Lake City, UT  2011

University of Utah Hospital & Clincs Neuroscience Education Series, Salt Lake City, UT  2010





Professional Affiliations & Memberships

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Section, Women’s Health Section

International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP)

Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

Living Well Institute Integrative Lifestyle Medicine

Polestar Pilates

Balanced Body


Special Interests

Breathing and its Relationship with the Nervous System

Pelvic Health & The Core System

The Fascial System and its Function in the Neuromuscular System

The Relationships of the Foot, Pelvis & Cranium





At Movement Sense We Offer

  • Assessment & Optimization of Movement Patterning and Bio-Mechcanical Alignment

  • Advance Gentle Manual Therapy Techniques

  • Client Specific Home Programs

  • Injury Prevention

  • Body Wisdom & Mindful Movement Practices through a variety of movement modalities including Pilates, Yoga, CoreAlign®, Oov®, and Functional Movement

  • Education & Workshops

  • Specialty Movement Program Series

  • Free 30 minute consultation on any service

"With Rachel's instruction and skills, I gained an increased awareness of my posture. I learned how to better recruit my core muscles."

Mina Tialino (physical therapist) 

"After having my 5th baby, I had an even harder time getting back my core...I was in pain on a daily basis and having a hard time just functioning with daily tasks...I have little to no pain now and I am able to workout and do the things I love!"

Julie Nield